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Archive for June 2017

When Buying a Home, Is a Survey Required?

When Buying A Home: Is A Survey Required?

Some banks no longer require a survey of residential property being funded, making the need for a survey a decision for the homebuyer. Unless there is an existing survey provided by the seller that can be appropriately updated, the buyer’s attorney will recommend that a licensed surveyor be engaged prior to closing to survey the…

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The Cost of Elder Care: Options at a Glance

The Cost of Elder Care: Options At A Glance

Proactively addressing the care you may require as you age is critically important. The results of failing to plan cannot only be financially devastating and result in a lack of proper day-to-day care for yourself, it can also cause significant stress on your family and even separation from your spouse. We all know someone who…

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An “Irrevocable” Trust May Not Be Irrevocable After All

An "Irrevocable" Trust May Not Be Irrevocable After All

The most common client request in my elder law practice is the desire to protect a residence and other assets from the high cost of long-term care, which in the Hudson Valley will often exceed $12,000 per month. Proactive planning requires that the client make gifts of selected assets, with such asset transfers being deemed…

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