Estate Planning the Right Way

Almost every week, I receive a call that goes something like this: “Hello Mr. Shapiro, my name is Mary Jones. I need to update my will. It’s a simple will.…

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What Will Be Your Cloud Story?

When presenting workshops and webinars over the past three decades, I often ask the audience, “Imagine you’ve died and are looking down from your cloud at your loved ones below.…

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Estate Planning In Times of Uncertainty

Estate Planning in Times of Uncertainty

The recent outbreak of COVID-19 has many wondering if they are prepared for the unpredictable future. People are taking this time to get organized, assess their situations, and address their…

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Paying For A Nursing Home

Nursing Home costs in the Hudson Valley

When you or someone you love requires nursing care, the sudden responsibility to cover the costs can be distressing. So what are your options? PAY OUT OF POCKET. Nursing home…

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