Veterans' benefits

Members of the military who are returning from active duty or have completed their service can often face difficult and emotionally challenging times. Many veterans, especially those with heavy combat experience, may find themselves struggling with many issues as they attempt to adjust back to their daily lives.

If medical and disability issues persist as they attempt to regain the normalcy of their lives, it may be even more difficult to deal with coming home.

Preserve Your Rights

At Blustein, Shapiro, Frank & Barone, LLP, our Hudson Valley attorneys have experience handling veterans’ benefits for military servicemen and women. We understand the difficulties that these individuals may face; we work hard to see that all of their needs are addressed and rights are preserved.

It is important to us that members of the armed forces are aware of all of their rights and have access to the benefits they deserve when returning home.

"Aid and Attendance Benefit"

One type of little-known benefit that is available to veterans and their surviving spouses is called “Aid and Attendance Benefit.” If an individual qualifies, this benefit can entitle him or her to a significant monthly income from the VA. The amount of income varies based upon a number of factors, but can reach a maximum for certain veterans of nearly $2,000 per month. This level of income can vastly improve the quality of life and care for our nation’s veterans and their spouses. The income could go toward costs of assisted living or at-home care.

With an experienced lawyer on your side, the possibility of securing the compensation you deserve greatly increases. We can handle all types of veterans’ benefits matters, including service-connected benefits and non-service-connected pension benefits.

Veterans should understand the benefits to which they are entitled. Contact Blustein, Shapiro, Frank & Barone, LLP today to see how our firm can help.

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