estates & probate

The experienced estate and probate litigation team at Blustein, Shapiro, Frank & Barone, LLP (formerly Blustein, Shapiro, Rich & Barone, LLP), provides top-flight legal representation to people struggling with often emotionally-charged litigation involving wills, trusts, and other testamentary dispositions.

Our experienced litigation team in Goshen, N.Y. represent fiduciaries, including executors and trustees, who may be defending claims brought by disgruntled heirs. We also represent beneficiaries who assert that an estate is being mishandled by the executor or trustee, or who wish to file objections to a will or trust.

In all cases, we follow an aggressive but disciplined approach to ensure that our clients’ rights are preserved through every step of the estate litigation. Our estate litigation specialists utilize all appropriate discovery techniques to derive needed information and documentation from the opposing parties. To guarantee maximum value for our clients, our estate litigation team will seek to ensure that appropriate estate and trust accountings are completed by the fiduciary.

We recognize that estate litigation matters can be enormously stressful for our clients, and we are sensitive to their needs at each step of the proceeding.

Last Will & Testament

Unfortunately, there are some cases where the validity of a will does not accurately represent the desires or intent of the individual who created it. If you are named in the will as a beneficiary, or would inherit from the individual who created the will if it were to be deemed invalid, you may be eligible to contest the validity of the will.

There are several reasons one may contest a will. This may include, among other possibilities, a lack of capacity of the individual to execute the will, fraud, or unduly influence or duress on the individual during the drafting and creation of the will.

If litigation concerning a will becomes unavoidable, our experienced attorneys in Goshen, N.Y. can represent you and your interests while making sure you understand your options and provide guidance in making a decision on how to contest a will.