banking & settlements

As one of the leaders in the Hudson Valley legal community, we at Blustein, Shapiro, Frank & Barone, LLP (formerly Blustein, Shapiro, Rich & Barone, LLP), represent banks and lending institutions in a variety of legal concerns and transactions. We are more than just closing attorneys; we advise banks and lending institutions about their rights and obligations in a variety of transactions.

Our Experience

We are committed to ensuring that closings and transactions go smoothly and that your interests as the lender are secured.

With growing concerns about the housing market in the United States, it is important for banks and lending institutions to hire experienced counsel during residential and commercial loan transactions. Increased speed of the real estate closing process has necessitated the need for competent legal counsel.

Our lawyers understand that the demands placed on a closing attorney have changed. Our “proactive” approach facilitates smooth commercial and residential purchases, refinancing closings, and construction financing in a timely manner, all while treating borrowers with courtesy and respect.

Our mortgage professionals understand the service-oriented nature of real estate closings for mortgage lenders. Our Goshen office has multiple closing rooms, allowing us the ability and staff to accommodate closings at any time at the borrower’s convenience. Our goal is always to close on a date and time that is convenient for you.

To speak with one of our experienced professionals, contact Blustein, Shapiro, Frank & Barone, LLP.