landlord/tenant law

Representing Commercial Landlords

Like most parts of the country, Hudson Valley commercial landlords are faced with a challenging real estate market. In times of economic trouble, it is vital to protect your investment against tenants who refuse to abide by the terms of a lease. At Blustein, Shapiro, Frank & Barone, LLP, our lawyers can assist commercial landlords with even the most intricate landlord-tenant disputes.

A summary holdover proceeding is one of the tools available to evict a tenant who violated a term of the lease, remained in possession after the expiration of a lease, or refused to pay rent. This civil proceeding is a quick way to remove a tenant from your rental property; the trial usually occurs within five to 12 days after filing the court petition. We regularly represent several large apartment complexes with over 2,000 rentals.

Tenants who claim that landlords have falsely accused them of violating the terms of a lease can petition the court to obtain a Yellowstone injunction. These injunctions prohibit tenants from being evicted and allow them to have time to cure the default.

Our attorneys will work with landlords and property managers to counter any defenses made by tenants and to secure a final resolution of the matter, including obtaining an eviction and monetary judgment.

Obtaining Monetary Judgment for Damages & Unpaid Rent

While it is often beneficial to evict tenants who violate a lease, it is equally important to collect unpaid rent from them. As one of the preeminent law firms in the Hudson Valley, we are able to employ a wide range of tactics to collect a debt from tenants who refuse to pay. This includes obtaining a court judgment to collect rent and filing bank restraint subpoenas and income executions.

When a tenant fails to abide by the terms of a lease, contact the lawyers at Blustein, Shapiro, Frank & Barone, LLP for help.