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Live Webinar: Client Update Meeting

September 17 | 4:30 pm-5:30 pm

Our client update meetings (open only to participants in our law firm’s Legacy Assurance Program) provide our up-to-date document language, a discussion of the latest estate planning legal news and issues, and advanced estate planning ideas. As always, to ensure that your planning remains current with changes in your life, changes in the law, and changes in what we are doing in our practice, we urge you to try to attend one of our update meetings.  Besides our usual practice of explaining the past years’ legal changes and document modifications, we anticipate that in our “planning spotlight” we will discuss “crisis” Medicaid planning strategies, which allow for asset preservation planning that can preserve significant amounts of a person’s assets even if they have done no “proactive” Medicaid planning and were to require immediate long-term care.  When you register for an update meeting date, we will mail to you both the “Estate Planning Summary” and “Funding Report.” As a reminder, please know that merely reviewing and completing those forms does not constitute an “update” of your estate plan. Rather, you must also make an appointment to come in and sign the actual revised legal documents (e.g., revocable trust, will, power of attorney) that might require updating in a given year.


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